Verna-cultura Summer School will take place over 13th – 22nd of July 2015 in Comana, Giurgiu county, within Comana Crafts Village site. Traditional crafts in contemporary context!

By taking part in the Summer School, young architects will acquire new skills in the domain of restoring the built heritage. They will therefore have the practical possibility of initiation and knowledge acquisition in terms of crafts, materials and  techniques of making vernacular-type traditional construction works, specific both to the restoration of heritage buildings and to building new spaces in the spirit of bioarchitecture. The practical activity will be coordinated by architects, folk craftsmen and specialists in vernacular building practices.

Within this project, young architects will have the opportunity of getting involved into activities carried on the building site of Comana Crafts Village project, a project unique in Romania due to the traditional construction techniques and also to its social, educational and cultural objectives – the building of a small village dedicated to traditional crafts, meant to be a constant source of income for the villagers involved in the project.

“Verna-cultura Summer School. Traditional crafts in contemporary context” is co-financed by the Union of Romanian Architects, within a project carried on by the Paper Mill Association in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture of the University Spiru Haret and the European Foundation for Eco-sustainable Development.

For further details on this project, please use the site, the facebook page Școala de vară Verna-cultura, the e-mail or the telephone number 0743.266.262 – Ion Georgescu – Project Manager.

Press Release

We joyfully invite you to visit the Paper Mill on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May! Beside visiting the workshop-museum, we are willing to tell you about our great projects, to hear your opinions, ideas and hopefully find together means of collaboration and support.

We have gone through a lot of adventures since 2009, when the idea of the Paper Mill started to take shape in our hearts. We have lived moments of intense happiness, we have known people of an extreme inner beauty and we managed to plant seeds that started to give fruit. As time passed, we realized that almost all the people who were close to us and helped us in our daring actions, were or became our friends. That without them, the Paper Mill may have remained just an idea and we would not have lived these precious moments, full of hope and joy.

That is why we wish to continue making our projects grow together with all those who believe in us and in our ideas. At the beginning of our story we tried to manage by ourselves, but all throughout these years we learnt to give up pride and ask for help. Every time, our family and dear friends were there for us. We were surprised to see how people that we had not known for a long time cared for us and the Paper Mill, offering us all their support. We felt that there are friends everywhere, just that we had not known them yet. All we need is find a way to call them and they will come to us. It is exactly what we started doing this spring and we shall continue doing this in those to come.

Therefore, those of you who hear us and want to find out about our story, dreams and projects, are impatiently invited on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Paper Mill in Comana. We shall inform you, first of all, about the newest and most complex project of the Paper Mill Association, Comana Crafts Village, project financed by Innovation Norway, through Norway Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, within the financing domain Innovation in Green Industry – Romania, which sustains projects with positive impact on environment.


The hours when we will be waiting for you are: 11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00. Please inform us if you come via e-mail at, by sending a message on our facebook page or by telephone at 0724.290.010. The entrance will be free of charge. Still, if you like the projects that we wish to develop, any donation is more than welcome and helps us go on, to be of use!


Looking forward to welcoming you,


The Paper Mill Team


Press Release

In 2015, The Paper Mill Association will turn an idea – „Comana Crafts Village” – into a place where thousands of people will (re)discover the forgotten world of the Romanian village, full of beauty, simplicity and joy.

„Comana Crafts Village” project will be brought to life not far from Bucharest, in Comana village, situated in the heart of Comana Natural Park, an area with a long history and a special nature. Due to this project, a small ”village” will be built from nothing – with a view to showing that, by their force and value, crafts can save the world. Comana Crafts Village aims at becoming a place loved  not only by curious and energetic children, but also by adults, tired of every-day life, marked by speed and stress.

Comana Crafts Village will propose a lot of crafts: woodwork, forge, reed work, pottery, weaving, traditional milling, natural processing of fruit, vegetables, as well as of medical plants. The Village will focus, on the one hand, on production and sale, and on the other hand, on education, being a place open for visitors, children and adults, to see demonstrations, workshops and crafts.

The project is financed by Innovation Norway, through Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Norway Grants) 2009-2014, within the financing domain Innovation in Green Industry – Romania, that sustains projects with positive impact on environment.  

Comana Crafts Village is a natural continuation of the activities carried on so far by the Paper Mill Association, a dream that turned into a winning project in 2014! Be with us on this new and fascinating way!

You can find out more about this project by following the site, the facebook page Satul meșteșugurilor and, soon, a site dedicated to this project. For further information, please contact us at 0724.290.010 – Dana Georgescu or via e-mail at


Dear friends,

Be welcome with family and friends at our week-end special programme within the Crafts Village and Paper Mill!

Among the things to enjoy there will be:

– Interactive demonstrations of hand-made paper, pottery, reed work and traditional weaving.

During the week-end opening hours, you will see craftspeople working in the workshops dedicated to: handmade paper, reed work, carpentry, pottery, weaving and bookbinding.

It may occur, in certain weekends, that some workshops be open and others closed. If you wish to participate in a specific activity, we kindly ask you to send us a short message to the address or to call us at 0723COMANA(266262) to check if the respective workshop will be open.

The Paper Mill – Crafts Village museum is open every week-end between 12.00 – 19.00.

Admission fees

  • Guided tour: 15 lei. 10 lei for students, retired and disabled people.
  • Unguided visit: 10 lei. 7 lei for students, retired and disabled people.
  • In order to encourage family visits and participation in the challenging activities proposed by the Paper Mill and Crafts Village, we introduced special fees for families. Details here aici or at the entrance.

Free admission for children under 3 years old.

If you wish to participate in the interactive demonstrations (handmade paper, weaving, reed work, ceramics, letterpress), the participation fee is 1 guilder (gulden) – worth 10 lei, including the object manufactured within each workshop. More objects, more guilders.

We invite you to Comana Crafts Village and Paper Mill, where you will discover a team of dedicated people eager to share the story of the crafts in the XXIst century.

Thank you for your visit and participation in the demonstrations! By doing this, as well as by purchasing our products, you help crafts go on and encourage the worthy people who keep them alive.