Luca Blacksmith’s Workshop

"Luca Blacksmith’s Workshop" will be the place to revive the almost forgotten craft of the blacksmith, on old craft at which our ancestors proved to be very good thousands of years ago. And as every village had a blacksmith, Comana Crafts Village has one, as well.

Seeing with our own eyes the forge where the iron is being burned, then see it being shaped and transformed, are special, fascinating moments which help people have a broader view on the craft. By visiting the "Blacksmith workshop", you will have the possibility to see old equipment, of over 100 years. They are all functional or about to be reconditioned and will be used for making objects both decorative and useful. Therefore, do not hesitate to come and see how the iron is stricken while it is still hot!

"Luca Blacksmith Workshop" bears the name of a person very important for us, a wonderful man who believed in our dreams and helped a lot to give them shape. Mr. Luca was a printing house mechanic and helped us a lot to install, move and restore most of the equipment in the Paper Mill Workshop-Museum.

He is no longer in this life, but he will always remain in our heart and memories.