Our story starts with book-related crafts: handmade paper, letterpress and bookbinding. We discovered and loved them, then we wanted to create a place for people to come and enjoy watching or practising them. This is how the Paper Mill Workshop-Museum appeared in Comana.

Comana Crafts Village is a natural continuation of our work, a way meant to value crafts and hard-working people from the countryside. as within the Paper Mill we keep the core of crafts of yore and work together with people of the present times to hand them over in a form adapted to the XXIst century. Visiting Comana Crafts Village, you will feel the atmosphere of the villages from the past and, at the same time, you will see that crafts are not at all old-fashioned, to be admired only in museums. On the contrary, they are full of life, ready for the present world, in a continuous evolution fit for the people and our times. Older and more recent tools, decorations from the old times artistically placed near present-day  artefacts, traditional working techniques carefully transmitted from generation to generation, they are all combined and adapted with skill and devotion in order to  fiind their place in the heart of contemporary people.

Financed by Norway Government, through the Norway Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, within the financing domain Innovation in Green Industry - Romania, that sustains projects with a positive impact on environment, this daring project presents 7 crafts that together bring this wonderful place to a richer life: workshops of wood work, reedmace processing, pottery, weaving and embroidery, traditional milling, blacksmith’s workshop, as well as fruit and vegetables traditional processing. They were all built, equipped and are constantly growing due to hard-working people from the countryside who got involved in building and developping this idea. An idea dedicated to those who try to find the charm of the olden times, with their charm, mystery and joy and who understand that only a creative approach of crafts can save them from oblivion and only by integrating them into the present-day world can they be carefully preserved and handed over to the generations to come.

Thank you for your visit and support!