On Saturday, the 7th of May 2016, an important event will take place in Comana (Giurgiu county) – the opening of  “Comana Crafts Village”, a project financed by the Government of Norway, through the  Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, within the financing domain Innovation in Green Industry – Romania, that sustains projects with a positive impact on environment.

The programme of the day will start at 11.00 with the ribbon- cutting ceremony, which will be followed by guided tours in Comana Crafts Village, demonstrations of crafts, exhibition, a moment of local music.

Comana Crafts Village project aims, on the one side, at developping the rural community by creating a structure of support, by which seven small craft enterprises were already initiated. On the other side, this project proposes a place where town people, tired of every-day life, may rediscover through crafts, through the architecture of the buildings and the atmosphere created, images of the villages from the past meant to fill their heart with joy, to catch their interest and to offer them the chance of going through new, authentic experiences.

To this purpose, in Comana Crafts Village there are workshops for: woodwork, reed processing, pottery, weaving, traditional milling, blacksmith’s workshop, as well as fruit, vegetables and medical plants processing. The Village will have a component part dedicated to production and selling, as well as an educational side, being a space open for visitors, where there will be craft demonstrations and workshops for children and adults.

For more information, please check the sites www.moaradehartie.ro and www.satulmestesugurilor.ro or contact us at 0724.290.010 – Dana Georgescu or via e-mail at dana@moaradehartie.ro.