Press Release

In 2015, The Paper Mill Association will turn an idea – „Comana Crafts Village” – into a place where thousands of people will (re)discover the forgotten world of the Romanian village, full of beauty, simplicity and joy.

„Comana Crafts Village” project will be brought to life not far from Bucharest, in Comana village, situated in the heart of Comana Natural Park, an area with a long history and a special nature. Due to this project, a small ”village” will be built from nothing – with a view to showing that, by their force and value, crafts can save the world. Comana Crafts Village aims at becoming a place loved  not only by curious and energetic children, but also by adults, tired of every-day life, marked by speed and stress.

Comana Crafts Village will propose a lot of crafts: woodwork, forge, reed work, pottery, weaving, traditional milling, natural processing of fruit, vegetables, as well as of medical plants. The Village will focus, on the one hand, on production and sale, and on the other hand, on education, being a place open for visitors, children and adults, to see demonstrations, workshops and crafts.

The project is financed by Innovation Norway, through Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Norway Grants) 2009-2014, within the financing domain Innovation in Green Industry – Romania, that sustains projects with positive impact on environment.  

Comana Crafts Village is a natural continuation of the activities carried on so far by the Paper Mill Association, a dream that turned into a winning project in 2014! Be with us on this new and fascinating way!

You can find out more about this project by following the site, the facebook page Satul meșteșugurilor and, soon, a site dedicated to this project. For further information, please contact us at 0724.290.010 – Dana Georgescu or via e-mail at