Press Release

We joyfully invite you to visit the Paper Mill on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May! Beside visiting the workshop-museum, we are willing to tell you about our great projects, to hear your opinions, ideas and hopefully find together means of collaboration and support.

We have gone through a lot of adventures since 2009, when the idea of the Paper Mill started to take shape in our hearts. We have lived moments of intense happiness, we have known people of an extreme inner beauty and we managed to plant seeds that started to give fruit. As time passed, we realized that almost all the people who were close to us and helped us in our daring actions, were or became our friends. That without them, the Paper Mill may have remained just an idea and we would not have lived these precious moments, full of hope and joy.

That is why we wish to continue making our projects grow together with all those who believe in us and in our ideas. At the beginning of our story we tried to manage by ourselves, but all throughout these years we learnt to give up pride and ask for help. Every time, our family and dear friends were there for us. We were surprised to see how people that we had not known for a long time cared for us and the Paper Mill, offering us all their support. We felt that there are friends everywhere, just that we had not known them yet. All we need is find a way to call them and they will come to us. It is exactly what we started doing this spring and we shall continue doing this in those to come.

Therefore, those of you who hear us and want to find out about our story, dreams and projects, are impatiently invited on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Paper Mill in Comana. We shall inform you, first of all, about the newest and most complex project of the Paper Mill Association, Comana Crafts Village, project financed by Innovation Norway, through Norway Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, within the financing domain Innovation in Green Industry – Romania, which sustains projects with positive impact on environment.


The hours when we will be waiting for you are: 11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00. Please inform us if you come via e-mail at, by sending a message on our facebook page or by telephone at 0724.290.010. The entrance will be free of charge. Still, if you like the projects that we wish to develop, any donation is more than welcome and helps us go on, to be of use!


Looking forward to welcoming you,


The Paper Mill Team