Woodworking Workshop

Within Comana Crafts Village, the wood, this friendly material, full of life, is processed and valued both for construction works and for useful or decorative objects. Within the "Woodworking Workshop", we have an original approach to create unique objects, able to transmit in the most authentic way the story of the real wood.

Our team from the "Woodworking Workshop" started their activity within Comana Crafts Village by doing the carpentry for the small houses-workshops meant for crafts. Therefore, you can already appreciate their work just by walking around and visiting the crafts workshops in the Village. Using the locust tree wood as a material specific to Comana, we tried to create a “curtain” of vertical elements, arranged according to rythms differently adapted to the function of each space.

The natural aspect of the fiber and the natural movement of the locust tree trunks constitute the first visual impact of Comana Crafts Village, representing the return to a friendly relationship between people and nature. And the poles are not the only ones to draw your attention, as the windows, doors, wall and floor made of pieces of wood encased in clay or concrete, they all give a special touch to the Woodwork workshop.