The Romanian Cook House

Inspired by Brâncoveanu-style cook houses from the palaces of Potlogi and Mogoșoaia, the old kitchens from the time of Constantin Brâncoveanu, “The Romanian Cook House” of Comana Crafts Village is the place where you will find eye-catching delicious food.

Everything will be cooked using ingredients from the region, which will be natural and traditional. It is here that you can taste delicious dishes made of vegetables, stews, jam, syrups, all natural. Even more, if you have some time, you can enjoy a cup of tea made of plants from Comana. We intend to use first of all fruit and vegetables that people around us have in their gardens or plants that grow in our neighbourhoods.

We will prepare them using old recipes, but we shall certainly adapt some of them with new ingredients that add to the taste and complete the recipe to the great pleasure of those who will taste them. Therefore, after having visited the craftspeople and having fed your heart with the stories around them, you must rest a while at „The Romanian Cook House”, the place where you can feed your body, as well. Come and taste the delicious offer of our Cook House!