"The Story-Grinding Mill” and the Bakery

As in the old times there was no village without at least a mill, the Crafts Village will have one, as well. And not any mill, but one grinding a lot of stories, as well! Hence its name -  "The Story-Grinding Mill”.

The former Piroșoiu Mill, moved to Comana from Gurghiu Valley, Ibănești village, will be the place where children and adults will approach a fabulous world smelling of old wood, freshly ground flour and a lot of joy. After visiting the Story-grinding Mill, you must come to the Bakery, as the smell of freshly home made bread will invite you there și will stick to you until you taste some!

And we have so many ideas and bread recipes… from the sourdough bread of yore up to the eye-catching and tasty artisan bread. And it is not only bread that we are going to make in our Bakery, as there are so many goodies to make from flour… Such as grandma’s style lovely pies… And we shall say nothing more. Come and see for yourself. The truth is you can’t leave Comana Crafts Village without seeing the Bakery.

Come, discover it and enrich with the smells, tastes and stories around it!