The Workshop with a Shed

The Weaving Workshop or “The Workshop with a Shed” is the workshop dedicated to weaving, sewing and embroidery. Here, Romanian traditional motifs can be admired on objects worked with love and care. At present, the only chance for crafts to continue being practised is by keeping pace with today’s world.

Therefore, at the Weaving Workshop, crafts are alive, adapted to the needs of today’s world people. In this workshop, clothes and modern accessories are embellished with decorations from the past, using old and almost forgotten techniques. As a result, clothing items become carriers of tradition and beauty. We called the Weaving Workshop “Atelierul cu rost - The Workshop with a Shed” from the shed that is involved in weaving at the loom.

We played with the word ’rost’, which has at least two meanings in Romanian language. It means both ’shed’ and ’role’. As no weaving is possible without a ’shed’ and as ’finding one’s role in life’ is of utmost importance for every person, we chose this name for the workshop dedicated to weaving, sewing and embroidery. Join us to start weaving and some dreaming!