A real life story has been written for over 5 years in Comana, an extremely beautiful place in Southern Romania. A story about people and forgotten crafts. About living an authentic life in a world that is more and more separated from its roots. About friendship and life ‘s forgotten beauty. About dreams that take shape and our role in this world. About valuing a community of worthy people by means of crafts, brought to the level of art. About creating a world. A better, more beautiful world, where we all feel at home.


  • From the moment I entered this place, everything made me feel at home, from the atmosphere in the workshop to the warmth with which we were received. We are very happy to see that there are people who make handmade paper at such a high level. We are eager to come back and find you well, happy to work and spread joy.
  • This place really looks like fairy tale, no wonder there are so many things to tell here. A wonderful place that carries on the history of Comana and Dealul Morii (The Hill of the Mill), as well as the crafts. We are happy that you exist!
  • An extremely beautiful and real story. An oasis of peace and harmony for the soul!
  • This is one of those places where you can’t help smiling, therefore I will come back, as I love smiling like that!
  • A great experience! A peaceful Saturday with wonderful people, so close to the roots. Congratulations! I am extremely grateful for your being there and for having created such an amazing place!
  • This museum is a treasure, I would never leave it!
  • A bit of a tale, some magic and history. A window open towards the past. Great!
  • An extraordinary place, a corner of nature and history with special people and beautiful places. A wonderful idea turned into reality! I wish you the best of luck and may this place be visited by more and more people, as it is a really special place.
  • I have never seen something like this before. It has been an unique experience. I have met nice and careful people.
  • An unexpected and extremely beautiful surprise. Congratulations for this place where, in my opinion, everybody feels well!
  • We congratulate you on the original idea of creating such a space where children can approach new experiences, where they can learn new techniques and crafts, finding out notions about environment, ecology, history. We thank you and we will continue supporting you!
  • When ideas are backed by hospitality and delicacy, by kind looks and gentle smiles and when words are uttered in a beautiful language sweetly spoken, the joy is beyond limits and will be taken to our homes.

We invite you to discover  Comana Crafts Village (Satul meșteșugurilor), a wonderful place in Romania, where we brought together 7 old crafts that are showed and valued by worthy, hard-working people. Comana Crafts Village can be visited and actively explored, by taking part in the demonstrations or crafts workshops. You can also support the activity of the people working in the Village by buying the products made by our craftspeople and artists.

Be welcome to enjoy and benefit of a place built out of love for people and crafts, for the use and joy of those who will visit it!

Comana Crafts Village proposes workshops for woodwork, reedmace processing, pottery, weaving, traditional milling, blacksmith’s workshop and natural processing of fruit, vegetables and medical plants. The objects made in these workshops will be sold within Comana Crafts Village.

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Workshops organized for groups

In order to maintain children’s enthusiasm towards learning, seen as discovery, we kindly invite you to participate in the workshops organized within Comana Crafts Village and Paper Mill – a beautiful place, where children can approach various crafts with their hands and hearts. For details, click here.


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