Verna-cultura Summer School Traditional crafts in contemporary context!

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Verna-cultura Summer School will take place over 13th – 22nd of July 2015 in Comana, Giurgiu county, within Comana Crafts Village site. Traditional crafts in contemporary context!

By taking part in the Summer School, young architects will acquire new skills in the domain of restoring the built heritage. They will therefore have the practical possibility of initiation and knowledge acquisition in terms of crafts, materials and  techniques of making vernacular-type traditional construction works, specific both to the restoration of heritage buildings and to building new spaces in the spirit of bioarchitecture. The practical activity will be coordinated by architects, folk craftsmen and specialists in vernacular building practices.

Within this project, young architects will have the opportunity of getting involved into activities carried on the building site of Comana Crafts Village project, a project unique in Romania due to the traditional construction techniques and also to its social, educational and cultural objectives – the building of a small village dedicated to traditional crafts, meant to be a constant source of income for the villagers involved in the project.

“Verna-cultura Summer School. Traditional crafts in contemporary context” is co-financed by the Union of Romanian Architects, within a project carried on by the Paper Mill Association in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture of the University Spiru Haret and the European Foundation for Eco-sustainable Development.

For further details on this project, please use the site, the facebook page Școala de vară Verna-cultura, the e-mail or the telephone number 0743.266.262 – Ion Georgescu – Project Manager.

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