Workshops organized for groups

In order to maintain children’s enthusiasm towards learning, seen as discovery, come and visit Comana Crafts Village and Paper Mill – a charming place, where children can approach various crafts with their hands and hearts! This is what we propose:

The workshop Let’s Recycle Paper in a Creative Way is a lovely journey through book-related crafts, paper mills and writing materials. The children will discover how paper was made hundreds of years at the paper mill and will make their own sheet of hand-made paper. The activity takes place within the hand-made paper workshops of Comana Paper Mill Workshop Museum.

At the workshop Original Journey in the World of Books, children will find out interesting things about letterpress in Europe and in Romania, will have the opportunity to see how texts were composed letter by letter, how they were printed in the past and what book came first out of print. Towards the end of the journey, children will have the chance to print themselves a souvenir. The printing workshop takes place in Comana Paper Mill Workshop Museum.

Weaving Threads of Tale is a workshop that will bring children closer to a very old craft: weaving at the hand loom, that will help them increase their attention, practical skills, patience and creative spirit. At the end, children will leave not only with the souvenir of precious moments, but also with the fruit of their work, the woven tissue. This activity takes place in the Weaving Workshop of Comana Crafts Village.

The workshop Let’s Make Reed Dolls invites children to discover how people lived in the past and how they used the plants around them. They will make friends with the reed, important plant that grows in Comana, in the Neajlov Delta, and they will make a doll of it – a Reed Girl or a Reed Boy! The activity takes place in the Reed Processing Workshop of Comana Crafts Village.

Fantasy in the World of Clay is a very appreciated workshop. Modelling combines learning and playing, giving way to imagination, creativity, practical skills. Children are encouraged to express themselves through art, their creation becoming source of self-confidence and joy. The modeling activity takes place in the Pottery of Comana Crafts Village.

The workshop In the World of Wood in an invitation to bring children closer to a material that is full of life and fascinating by structure and texture: the wood. Children will be delighted to hear and share stories about wood and nature, to see objects made of wood from old Romanian houses and to observe how people work with this material that is often seen, but not so well known. In their turn, children will be invited to create an object made of wood – by themselves or in a team. The activity takes place in the Woodwork Workshop of Comana Crafts Village.

Learning, Playing and Grinding in Comana Crafts Village is a workshop loved by children, as they approach the world of cereals in a friendly, playful, but also instructive way. They will have the opportunity to grind various cereals using smaller manual mills. The activity takes place in the Story-grinding Mill of Comana Crafts Village.

For further details, presentations and inscriptions, please contact us at And if you have friends working in the education field or you know other people that may be interested in our work, please share the information! By promoting our workshops, you sustain crafts in Comana and all the community here.

Thank you!