Spring Workshops for Groups

Spring has come – full of splendor, flowers and colours!

In this special period, when nature and hearts all flourish, we invite children to take part in our spring session of activities, to greet spring with the fruit of their skill and inspiration! Here is what we propose:

The Workshop of poetic Mărțişoare (Spring Symbols) combines poetry and skill! Children will work with paper of different colours, handmade with smiley insertions of grass or flowers! They will twist colourful threads or will stick well cut shapes. They will combine different materials to create lovely spring symbols. And to have a divine day, they will find poems on the way!

During the Workshop of Spring Greeting Cards children will use their imagination to create greeting cards out of paper made sheet by sheet within The Paper Mill Workshop Museum. Afterwards, their turn will come to continue the story of the sheet of paper by printing themselves another greeting card. Therefore, they will not only work out a greeting card themselves, but they will also print one at an old press! Poetry, our beloved friend, will be present till the end!

Painted Ceramics for Artistic Spring Symbols is a workshop that invites children in the magic realm of inspiration! Young artists will have the chance to transform, by the great force of colours, a common piece of clay into a joyful symbol of spring!

The Workshop of Letters-Treasures is an invitation to express feelings, to love and communicate! Children will make friends with letters, by discovering correspondence pages of literature. Afterwards, they will write a message themselves, by hand. The letter will reach the addressee with a wax seal, as in the old times.

Weaving Spring Symbols and Having Good Fun is a very special workshop that invites children to share and enjoy spring colours and stories and, most of all, to weave lovely Mărțişoare (Spring Symbols). Children will create their own Mărțişor at a small-size hand loom. We consider this workshop unique, as a traditional craft is discovered in the light of spring colours!

Workshops for groups can be organized on any day of the week, on request. For further details and inscriptions, do not hesitate to contact us at echipa@moaradehartie.ro or 0723266262.

It is here that you can access the presentation of the other standard workshops for groups.

Be welcome!